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"Dogs are meant to compliment our lives, not complicate them."

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Every dog and owner require an evaluation before attending training sessions.

In this time we meet virtually to discuss your problems, define your training goals and determine the best personalized training plan for your success.

Online Evaluation: 45 minutes
Cost: $45.00

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Why is an Evaluation necessary ?

When evaluating a dog for personalized training, it’s not just about understanding the dog itself—it’s about comprehensively assessing its entire environment, including its human family.

By delving into the dog’s living situation, routine, and interactions with its human companions, I gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics at play. This allows me to identify potential sources of stress or inconsistency that may be impacting the dog’s behavior.

Understanding the family’s goals, expectations, and communication style enables me to create a training plan that not only addresses the dog’s needs but also aligns with the family’s objectives and abilities.

During our conversation we will get a chance to meet and get a feel for each other for the possibility of a working relationship.

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"I met Angie in September 2022. My 1-year-old Rottweiler was difficult to walk. She was on leash reactive and would lunge at dogs. I cried at my first two sessions with Angie as this was a huge issue affecting my personal life and relationship and I was relieved to be receiving help. Since my personal training sessions with Angie, I have learned so much and I am now able to walk my dog on busy routes. Angie taught me valuable skills to help me handle my dog on lash and she taught me the importance of self-confidence. Angie is so supportive, I would even send her videos of my walks and she would provide feedback. I now participate in group walks to continue practicing my leash handling and confidence. I would highly recommend Angie as she is very kind and respectful to everyone’s unique situation with their dog."