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"Dogs are meant to compliment our lives, not complicate them."

Dog Safe Workshops for Organizations & Corporations

Dog safe trained staff make for an incident-free work place.

Training employees about dog safety with interactive workshops

Training your staff about dog safety is important, especially if their job involves going into yards with dogs. It’s not just about keeping everyone safe, including the dogs themselves, but also about being smart about risks.

When your team knows how to read dog behavior, spot signs of trouble, and handle situations safely, it’s a win-win.

A big misconception is that a wagging tail is a friendly dog. Kindness or treats can lead to escalation instead of best friends. Knowing the difference can help prevent workplace accidents and injuries associated with dog related incidents and build trust with customers.

Delivery drivers, trades, Inspectors, Installation companies (Internet, satellite, meter readers, security systems, etc.

training employees about dog safety

tailored workshops

My interactive workshops are tailored for companies whose staff enter homes and yards where dogs roam.

I’ll cover all the bases, from understanding dog body language to knowing how to act around them.

Your team will learn to spot signs of a stressed or unhappy pup and how to approach them in a way that keeps everyone safe and happy. With these skills under their belt, they’ll breeze through their visits with confidence and know-how.

Let’s make sure your team is ready to handle any canine situation they encounter!

tailored workshops
tailored dog workshops

Protect Your Team from Dog Bites:

Essential Workplace Safety Training

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