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"Dogs are meant to compliment our lives, not complicate them."

Dog Training

It’s more than just
obedience commands

Dog training isn’t just about your dog. The most integral part of the training process is you.

Angie focuses on getting her clients into the right mindset to achieve their goals. She emphasizes the importance of addressing personal issues, beliefs, and inner talk, as they play a significant role in the training success. Angie believes that self-confidence and belief in techniques are crucial for successful execution and encourages clients to consider how they feel about and within different situations.

That’s a comprehensive view of dog training! Building a strong relationship with your dog based on trust and mutual understanding is indeed key to achieving a harmonious and balanced partnership.

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Training Solutions &
Must-Knows for Dog Owners

Training Solutions & Must-Knows for Dog Owners

1. Puppies

  • Housetraining techniques and tips.
  • Crate training and its benefits.
  • Managing nipping, biting, and jumping behaviors.
  • Socialization strategies for a well-rounded dog.
  • Teaching basic manners and introducing obedience commands.

2. Leash Manners

  • Addressing pulling, lunging, and reactivity on walks.
  • Dealing with leash aggression and teaching focus.
  • Techniques for getting your dog to listen and not ignore commands.

3. Training Tools and Grooming Basics

  • Understanding different training tools and their purposes.
  • Basic grooming tips such as nail trimming, coat care, ear cleaning, and handling parasites.

4. A Dog’s Diet and Health Importance

  • Exploring different diet options like raw, kibble, and supplements.
  • Understanding the importance of a balanced diet for a dog’s overall health and well-being.

5. Understanding Body Language and Behavior

  • Reading and interpreting your dog’s body language.
  • Establishing personal space boundaries and managing energy levels.
  • Addressing behavior issues such as aggression, fear-based problems, and building confidence through training.

6. Challenges for First-Time Dog Owners

  • Handling the transition of having a baby and introducing a dog.
  • Tips for adding a second dog to the household and managing dynamics.

7. Reproduction and Breeding

  • Understanding health testing for longevity & breeding purposes.
  • Managing intact female dogs and their heat cycles.
  • Living with unneutered males and addressing any behavioral challenges.

8. Finding a Good Breeder

  • Criteria for evaluating breeders and avoiding potential red flags.
  • Importance of researching and choosing a responsible breeder.

9. Confidence Building for Humans and Dogs

  • Techniques for building confidence in yourself as a dog owner.
  • Building your dog’s confidence through positive reinforcement, human understanding and leadership.

private in-person dog Training

Private in-person dog Training

The best place to start with any dog regardless of age. 

A private controlled setting with owner (family) and dog in an undistracted environment. Comfortable, safe and free of judgment.

If you are dealing with behaviour problems, they need to be addressed in a private setting! NOT a multi dog group class. 

Too much stimulation before you know what to do, creates frustration and is an equation for failure.

Dogs & People learn in a private controlled environment much easier with less stress and distraction.

 Learn what is happening, why, and the techniques to correct your problems. Add distraction and stimulation at levels comfortable for success.

Private sessions are not only for behavior problems, but they are also great for starting puppies. Learn about leash manners, engagement, and proper socializing to avoid creating the over eager Wal-Mart greeter in the future, that pulls towards everything!

What makes training with Angie different….

Her sessions focus on educating humans rather than taking the dog and training it for you. Instead, she equips you with the tools and knowledge to practice with your own dog, enhancing your understanding and skills to become a confident and effective leader in your relationship.

She understands and believes that mindset and personal beliefs are foundational to successful dog training. Confidence and belief in the technique can indeed make a big difference in how effectively someone can train their dog.

In each session, Angie investigates her clients’ daily habits with their dogs and families, identifying problem areas, how they are reinforced, and what can be done to change them. She emphasizes the importance of structure and rules in discussions during sessions, recognizing their significance in achieving training goals.

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Dog safe workshops

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