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Grooming in our Spa!

Offered Tuesday - Friday 9am - 4pm

  All Breed grooming with experienced professional groomers. Please call to book your appointment.

Drop in Nail clipping - No appointment needed. Just call or text for availability 

A spell in the doggie spa

We offer all breed professional dog grooming for any breed and any size! Our experienced grooming staff can accommodate all coat types. We also offer nail clipping with filing, ear cleaning, anal gland suppression, paw pad trims & flea prevention treatments

Taking care of any coat type.

No need to smell doggie just because you are one!

It is very important to you're dogs health to keep his nails trimmed, and his coat free of mats and parasites. Regular brushing and nail care will keep them in their best shape. Long toe nails can splay the toes and make it painful to walk. Nails can grow into your dogs paw. Matted fur can contribute to hot spots on the dogs skin, and moisture can get trapped creating sores and infection. Regardless of the weather your dog needs regular grooming. Call today we can help.

Starting young is Important

Although when you bring your pup home they might not need a full grooming, it is important to start young, 8-10 weeks, to ensure they get use to it. Most dogs don't like to be brushed, or have their eyes cleaned, but its a must in keeping them at their best. Starting young, and keep a regular routine will help your dog get use to steps and lessen the stress. Fearful behaviours associated with grooming is usually lack of exposure. Many dogs get aggressive when they are fearful, and try and bite. This is very hard on your dog and your groomer. Do your part for this life long task.