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Boarding Hours of Drop off and pick up by appointment only

Subject to availability.

Call or Text 709-635-5959 


or Facebook Message

Silver Package

Boarding Hours

Drop off and Pick up

  • By Appointment ONLY
  • Subject to availability
  • Tuesday - Friday Drop off can be during regular hours 9-4pm - Appointment still needed
  • Access to property is closed outside these times
  • Outside hours Call out options are available for an extra cost
  • Trial night available for compatibility for longer stays

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Basic Stay & Play Package



  • Boarding per 24 hrs
  • Daily Room Service
  • Daily exercise & playtime w/ friends - Individual playtime and/or with dog socializing.
  • We can add Wet Food/Yogurt supplied by owner
  • Owner Provided Vitamins and/or Medication in feed bowl

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Park Stay & Play Package



  • Basic package plus....
  • Daily exercise & playtime w/ friends - Individual playtime and/or dog socializing
  • Special Diet requirements
  • Warming or cooling food - Raw diet
  • Liquid medication in food bowl
  • Different medications at different times
  • 30 min special one on one time with staff/day
  • Ball play, belly rubs, cuddling, etc

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Single Night stay



  • Boarding per 24hrs
  • All in either package.

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Click on the link for information regarding reservations

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Boarding Hours of Drop off and pick up by Reservation appointment only

We have changed our location, (since Easter 2021) our services and how we do things. It has gotten BETTER for the dogs!

When you have to be away, you need the peace of mind that your dog is comfortable, loved, and well taken care of like they would be at home. 

Don't worry about asking another co-worker or family member to take in your pet - schedule a stay at the

Royal K9 Country Pet Resort.

Your dog is treated like extended family during their stay here. Although it isn't home, its the next best thing.

Unfortunately we do not accommodate dog or people aggressive dogs.

Each dog has their own private area of 4x4 or 4x8 in size, where they sleep and eat. We provide daily room service, and have a strict daily cleaning routine. We supply the bedding, blankets, pillows, bowls and toys, so you can keep yours at home. You will need to bring your dogs food to avoid tummy upset, and any treats and chews. We do NOT use wire crates or plastic kennels. Our boarding area is regulated with an air exchange system along with heat and air conditioning. We give outside access 7-10 times a day, and for those that just wanna play and hang out, they are either outside in one of our 3 courtyards(weather depending) or in our indoor play area.

No time to lay around all day when there is fun to be had. Sociability is a must to get the full experience.

Our new country setting allows for huge quiet spaces for running, playing, smelling and well being. Situated on the back of the acreage, surrounded by trees and peace. Away from road noise, and the business of everyday life. The way any get away stay should be.....Even for the dog.

Our nighttime pee break is done to ensure everyone is comfy, and our camera system lets us see everyone for their safety and our piece of mind.

We DO NOT accept online reservations. You must call  the kennel for availability during business hours

Vaccinations and Flea Prevention

All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations. We are fine with a 3 year vaccine, and titers are accepted. We will not take your dog if they were vaccinated the same day, a minimum of a week is needed. Flea prevention is mandatory to stay with us, and you will be required to provide proof. We do offer an atopic flea prevention that we can provide for a fee. Any questions, contact us.

SINGLE NIGHT Cost is $45.00 plus hst