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Need Doggie Accommodations? Contact us to book!

When you have to be away, you need the peace of mind that your dog is comfortable, loved, and well taken care of like they would be at home. 

Don't worry about asking another co-worker or family member to take in your pet - schedule a stay at the Royal K9 Pet Resort.

Your pet is treated like extended family during their stay here. Although it isn't home, its the next best thing. 

Each dog has their own run that is 4x4x6 in size, where they sleep and eat. We provide daily room service, and have a strict daily cleaning routine. We supply the bedding, blankets, pillows, bowls and toys, so you can keep yours at home. You will need to bring your dogs food to avoid tummy upset, and any treats and chews. We do NOT use wire crates or plastic kennels. Our boarding area is regulated with an air exchange system along with heat and air conditioning. We give outside access 7-10 times a day, and for those that just wanna play, they are either outside (weather depending) or in our indoor play area. No time to lay around all day when there is fun to be had. 

Our nighttime pee break is done to ensure everyone is comfy, and our camera system lets us see everyone for their safety and our piece of mind.

We DO NOT accept online reservations. You must call the kennel for availability. 

Silver Package



  • Boarding per 24 hrs (2 nights minimum at this price)
  • Daily Room Service
  • Daily Playtime w/ Friends - Dog & people socializing
  • Simple dry Dog food diet - Owner provided

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Gold Package



  • Boarding per 24 hrs (2 night minimum)
  • Needing Extra Attention
  • Senior dogs needing help
  • Unsocial with dogs
  • Fearful
  • We can add Wet Food/Yogurt supplied by owner

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Royalty Package



  • Boarding per 24 hrs (2 night minimum)
  • Owner Provided Vitamins and/or Medication in Food bowl
  • Special Diet requirements
  • Warming or cooking food
  • Liquid medication
  • 20 min special one on one time with staff/day
  • Ball play, belly rubs, cuddling

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Spaw Package



  • Boarding per 24 hrs 
  • Special Diet requirements - Raw food prep - owner supplied
  • Multiple Medications/ Different times
  • Liquid medication
  • Ear or eye drops
  • 30 min special one on one time with staff/day
  • Ball play, belly rubs, cuddling

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Click on the link for information regarding reservations

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Vaccinations and Flea Prevention

All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations. We are fine with a 3 year vaccine, and titers are accepted. We will not take your dog if they were vaccinated the same day, a minimum of a week is needed. Flea prevention is mandatory to stay with us, and you will be required to provide proof. We do offer an atopic flea prevention that we can provide for a fee. Any questions, contact us.

SINGLE NIGHT Cost is $35.00 plus hst