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Dog Training for any shape, size, breed and age

Are you having problems with your dogs behaviour?  

Are you at a point you don't know what to do?

Are you starting out and don't want bad habits & behaviours to start?

 My Professional  experience as a dog trainer is decades of success in helping people just like you. With Jumping, leash pulling, house training, stealing, barking, biting, nipping, unruly behaviour, and all forms and levels of aggression. 

Anxieties,  fearful, reactivity, mulit-dog issues, etc.

Helping you understand and manage your dogs behaviour, then learning basic manners, & commands.

I specialize in private sessions in my studio for the best results. 

Available In person or virtually

Not sure about virtual training, the evaluation can answer your questions

Dogs are meant to compliment our lives...

As much as you love your dog, and he still doesn't listen to you. I can help you understand where and why you are having trouble and help you create a great relationship with your dog so that he listens when you ask things of him.

Let me help you. 

Book an Evaluation today to get started

Gain the knowledge on 

understanding your dog and why they do the things they do.



Online Training